Arteles Residency, My Apartment

Bart Rawlinson

He looks calm, but inside he’s a mess.


This is the work space without The One Who Is A Mess.


This is the view from the window. That’s Lake Parilanjärvi in the distance.


This is the entrance to the apartment.


Arteles occupies two buildings — one was built in the 1880s and the other in the 1920s. They were originally a school. My apartment is where the teacher lived.


This is the original wood stove in the kitchen. There’s a working stove beside it.


This is the spartan bedroom where The Mess rests his weary head.

Bart Rawlinson

This is the view from in front of Arteles, toward the lake. The winds were ferocious the day I took this photo; it rained for much of the evening. Those are Canola fields in the foreground. I’ve taken a photo of the building itself but I can’t seem to get it to copy into the blog. I’ll keep trying!


Before the Residency started, I spent three days in Tampere recovering from the 15 hour flight. It’s about 46 km away from Hämeenkyrö, the town where I am now. This is one of the canals that runs through Tampere.

5 thoughts on “Arteles Residency, My Apartment

  1. I don’t see a black bar to click “follow” but I have your site bookmarked now, thanks to Marty! I count on youf or inspiration …and you provide. Congratulations on this great honor/accomplishment. Hope to see you when you get home. Now that I am a retiree, I have lots of days free. Oh you who are not a mess, thanks for the photos which place you in space and time. xoxo


    1. Hi Jennielicious, Congratulations on your retirement! I know it must be a relief to regain control of your time and focus. So glad you came by and took a look around. Let’s plan lunch once I return and get caught up, ok? xoxox Bart


  2. Oh, how wonderful for you, Bart! (I just got the email you sent out to the college.) The space looks lovely to me! Good on you for getting this—and all my best wishes for your time there! 🙂


  3. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! An exciting adventure that shall and does motivate others to pursue their passions! Thank you!


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