Tick Tock, Tick Tock

There are known downsides to becoming a middle-aged man:  hair loss (on the head) hair gain (nose and ears) and the strange morphing (read: widening) of the body. Lesser known is the absurd obsession that develops with time, specifically its passing. This is hardly news to anyone — male or female — who has entered The Land Beyond 50 Years Old.

At 53, I’m still a new’ish immigrant here. (Humor me.) I get up in the morning and soon thereafter it’s evening. My brain refuses to accept this new way of experiencing a day. It sends a daily alert:  Get Going, Bud. Time Is Slipping Away.

I found out I’d gotten this Residency in late March. While at home in California I outlined writing projects to avoid wasted time once I arrived in Finland on May 29th.

It seems to be working. I sit at this desk each morning at 7:30 AM (sometimes a little earlier) and write for nine hours, on average.

Why so much? Well, today is June 5th, and yesterday was June 1st.  The end of next week will be June 30th.

It’s the Middle-Aged Calendar, spurring me on.

3 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Tick Tock

  1. Will read more another time, but I am thoroughly enjoying your blog thus far, Bart. And my—I am so impressed to hear you are writing for nine hours a day. Wow! Makes me look like such a wimp. 😉

    I especially enjoy this whole, “Yesterday was June 1st,” too. And Courtney is no doubt right, that us old people aren’t the only ones who feel this. I heard once that things actually are speeding up! 🙂


    1. Hi Riba! Thanks for coming by and checking things out. Courtney is right; those of us with years on us don’t have a corner on the Time Is Flying part of life. I hope you’re doing well in Palm Springs. Best regards, Bart


  2. I’m not sure you middle aged individuals get to hold the corner on such time loss….. I’m pretty sure yesterday was June 1st.


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