Childhood: Jim Smith

Karen (Fitzgerald) Lemker sent me these photographs. This is our fourth grade class with our beloved teacher, Mrs. Gatewood. Jim is on the far right, bottom row. I’m beside him.
fourth grade photo
The photo below is from eighth grade and includes some older students. Jim and I are in the front row. Jim is fifth from the right; I’m the thick-thighed one beside him. To my knowledge, we are standing together in every class photo.
Bart Rawlinson, Jim Smith, Hardin Schools
 I was moving in the direction of my fatness that would hit its zenith my senior year of high school. I topped out at 215 lbs.  Jim was always thin. When we walked down the halls together, we looked like the number 10.

(Within 18 months of high school graduation I lost 50 lbs.)

There were 48 students in our graduating class of 1980. More than two-thirds of us started first grade together.

Thanks Karen, for sending these along. What a pleasure it is to see those childhood faces again.

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